Walmart Marketplace

What is Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart Marketplace allows third-party sellers to list their items on Walmart’s website. If you’ve sold products on Amazon or eBay, you’ll experience a similar process on Walmart Marketplace. People conduct searches on the site and browse product listings from sellers.

Walmart Marketplace offers you an excellent opportunity to get your products in front of a massive audience. Walmart’s eCommerce sales jumped 33 percent in May 2018 from 10 percent in the prior 2017 holiday season. With more people shopping at Walmart online, you have a valuable opportunity to reach new leads.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that your products will appear in search results with other Walmart products. You’ll need to remember this when listing products because you’ll be competing with them (and their pricing).

Benefits of Selling on Walmart Marketplace


Here’s why selling on Walmart Marketplace is beneficial for your business

  1. The Walmart Marketplace boasts the second-largest e-commerce audience in the US. Expose your brand to a new audience and drive more sales by listing your products on Walmart.
  2. Increase the credibility of your brand and bring in a more loyal customer base by selling your product on Walmart.
  3. Compared to its counterpart Amazon which now has more than 2 million sellers, Walmart currently consists of 33,000 merchants which means that despite the platform’s rapid growth, the competition is less. Now is the perfect time to set up your account if you have not!
  4. Walmart Marketplace does not have any upfront cost or monthly storage fee like other eCommerce sites. With its exceptional support services for free, the only time you need to pay is when you make a sale. Leverage this opportunity as a potential Walmart Marketplace seller to maximize your resources.

Regional Marketer’s Walmart Marketplace Services

Walmart Marketplace account setup and Management

Need assistance in setting up your Walmart marketplace account or manage existing one? Our Walmart Marketplace services include not just setting up your account but closely monitoring the success of your account, so you don’t have to. We empower our strategy by harnessing data analytics and providing monthly reporting with all data and insights to ensure we are on the same page.

Market and competitor analysis

Our Walmart Marketplace services expert conduct thorough research of your niche market to analyze your competitor’s eCommerce store to identify the gap which would then be integrated into your Walmart Marketplace solutions. Our eCommerce experts know the principles behind the best eCommerce companies, and they’ll work with you one-on-one to determine your requirements and create a strategy that complements any other online initiatives you may be considering.

Storefront optimization and branding

Regional Marketer’s Walmart Marketplace marketplace services cover all aspects of your Walmart optimization. From custom eCommerce web design to social media marketing and PPC marketing, we provide integrated solutions that help you expand your market reach. 

In-depth reporting and product inventory management

You can utilize your capabilities and resources into expanding your business while we take care of your product inventory. Our Walmart Marketplace service includes managing your reporting dashboard, tracking order, and monitoring shipments. Our agency keeps you updated on the most latest development and provide an in-depth and comprehensive report of your Walmart Marketplace progress.


Keyword research and implementation

Tap into your potential market segment by understanding what your targeted customer’s search intent is. At Regional Marketer’s, our Walmart marketing experts conduct extensive research on high-functioning terms and keywords and inject them into relevant places of your listing content. By leveraging keyword tracking tools, our Walmart Marketplace management firm ensures your store gets relevant traffic and converts more leads.

Optimized Product Listings

A strategic product listing optimization is the key to your brand’s increased organic exposure and getting a high return on investment (ROI). at Regional Marketer’s, our Walmart Marketplace services employ in-house talent that takes care of all aspects of your storefront and listing optimization. Our Walmart specialists ensure your product titles, images, and descriptions are optimized and up and running smoothly.  

Turn your prospects into paying customers by placing your Walmart Marketplace store in front of your audience. Our team of professionals has expertise in paid advertising strategies for eCommerce businesses that result in a maximum ROI.Explore more about Pay-Per-Click

We improve your conversions by dissecting every element of your website. Our CRO specialists monitor your campaigns and your sales funnel. From there, we calibrate your strategies to enhance and boost your conversion rate.Explore more about Conversion Rate

Leverage our social media marketing services to improve your brand’s online presence and visibility. At Regional Marketer’s, we are professionals and our team is well-versed in marketing tactics across all social media platforms. Our experts are specialized in organic paid social media marketing tactics as well.Explore more about Social Media Marketing

Attract more customers by building a high-performing website. Our Walmart Marketplace services employ the best web development team that builds a responsive and interactive website that comes in handy to your visitors. Partner with us and let our experts help you create your preferred eCommerce web design. Explore more about Web Design